Friday, 8 November 2013

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Having a difficult boss is a good thing, it makes you tough. Its like ingesting poison and getting immune to it eventually.  

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

13 Tzameti

13 Tzameti

The darkest side of France is depicted in this movie “13 Tzameti”, going a lot away from its romantic association. A 22 year old boy is hired for some roof work in an understood distraught mansion of couple. The husband is succumbed to drug addiction and experience bouts of feats throughout the day due to poor health. The wife canopies his worthless life by just sticking with him around. They have odd visitors, unknown visitors bringing some tensed agenda to be discussed with them. Spies hawk around their house collecting information. The 22 year old boy named Sebastian is pulled in their domestic matter as there is no one for his wife to help him out when he passes out. He gets to know there is lot of money on stake in the matter of her husband. 
The film takes a diverse route when the husband dies and Sebastian uses his name and takes his place. The film shocks you with the dirty inhuman business it introduces you to. The film flows through very good plot points with different notes but it fails to tickle your adrenaline in comparison to the gravity of the story it slowly unfolds.
Corruption, greed and barbarism stink well from the other characters who gamble in the business. Sebastian who is trapped like a mouse goes through hell. He could never be the same. The day would become a nightmare for his long life that is to be lived. There is no moment of relief after he starts what he never wanted to do and is forced to finish it.
B/W makes it even more depressing. The film takes you in a mode of depression and compassion after a while when it shocks you with the only suspense it contains.
The end of the film is well crafted. It is according to an ordinary citizen knowing little how to act in an extra-ordinary situation.  It’s a not a story of murder nor a struggling young gentleman nor a dirty business, it’s a story of fate.